Liter of Light Malaysia

Eradicating energy poverty in Malaysia

CSR done right

A strategic alliance with Incitement and Liter of Light will boost your sales, increase your team’s morale, and strengthen your company’s Brand, all while delivering sustainable impact.

CSR done right with Liter of Light

You win. They win.

We’ve lit up 45 villages through CSR initiatives with Liter of Light, all while creating awareness, buzz, and ROI for our clients. Your Brand can be next on the list.

Partner up with Liter of Light

CSR is not a cost. It's an investment.

With a powerful marketing and Branding arm, and an army of Volunteers, media partners, and NGOs, Incitement and Liter of Light Malaysia will get the most out of your CSR efforts.

Liter of Light Malaysia
Tax reduction

In most countries, doing CSR is rewarded by the government through tax exemptions, and can save you much more than you’ll ever spend on doing CSR to begin with.

Higher profits

Today’s consumers expect your organisation to make an active contribution to the community. A positive Brand reputation can increase sales by up to 20%.

Top-of-mind awareness

People’s minds are wired to remember positive associations and forget the negative ones. CSR will create a positive Brand association and have a significant impact on your customer's decision-making process.

Build Brand equity

The European Journal of Social Sciences has found significant positive relationship between CSR and Brand equity, concluding that if an organisation shows commitment to their social responsibilities, it correlates with enhanced Brand equity.

Increase employee retention

CSR is the third most important driver of overall employee engagement, and an organisation’s reputation for social responsibility is an important driver for both engagement and retention.

Media exposure

Incitement has presence in 46 countries. We create marketing that inspires. And with our vast network of media partners, your Brand is set to get noticed.

Work with Liter of Light Malaysia

Meaningful work. A kick-ass experience.

We think volunteering is serious business and you should be rewarded for it. That’s why we offer awesome perks to everyone who participates in the Liter of Light project.


Help us light up the lives of the 280,000 Malaysians living in darkness. Sign up to join the Liter of Light team for a whole new volunteering experience.

Doing CSR with Liter of Light
Liter of Light impacted 8,703 beneficiaries so far



Liter of Light Malaysia installed 2,380 lights since 2016



45 villages have been lit up with Liter of Light CSR initiatives



1,352 volunteers in Malaysia have participated in Liter of Light projects