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Eradicating energy poverty in Malaysia

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CSR done right with Liter of Light

You win. They win.

We’ve lit up 45 villages through CSR initiatives with Liter of Light, all while creating awareness, buzz, and ROI for our clients. Your Brand can be next on the list.

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A lasting impact on your brand

And a lasting impact on the world.

Create social impact

Contribute to solving society's most pressing issues.

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Elevate employee morale throughout your organisation.

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Help us light up the lives of the 280,000 Malaysians living in darkness. Sign up to join the Liter of Light team for a whole new volunteering experience.

Doing CSR with Liter of Light
Liter of Light impacted 8,703 beneficiaries so far



Liter of Light Malaysia installed 2,380 lights since 2016



45 villages have been lit up with Liter of Light CSR initiatives



1,352 volunteers in Malaysia have participated in Liter of Light projects